Top 10 Travel Tips

Going on holiday is an exciting time, but for some the travelling can be stressful – even if you travel frequently. Why not try out some of the following tips to make travelling a breeze.

  1. Book airport transfer

    – Why not start your holidays from your journey to the airport? Here at Shropshire Class Travel, we take the stress of traveling.  Let our drivers transport you in comfort to the airport in plenty of time for check in, security procedures and maybe a little retail therapy before catching your flight. Your driver will then be waiting for you upon your return taking any worries about getting home away.

  2. Make a list

    – Be prepared and list everything you will need for your check in bags for whilst you are away. You could even print out a ready made list from the internet. List what you may need in your hand luggage – making sure not to forget your passport!

  3. Travel Insurance

    – Although not pleasant to think about, it is worth preparing for the worst. Having travel insurance can protect you against high medical costs, money lost through flight cancellation or lost baggage. Use a comparison site to make it even easier to decide which one is right for you and your family.

  4. Check with your bank if they charge fees abroad

    – If you like to use your card abroad, make sure you let your bank know so they don’t think any transactions you make are fraudulent. It is also worth checking what their rates are for when using cards for purchases abroad or when withdrawing cash from an ATM.

  5. Check data roaming charges

    – Get in touch with your phone provider to see if you will be travelling to a free roaming destination and if not, ensure you know what they will charge if you use data abroad.

  6. Email a copy of your passport to yourself

    – You could even keep a copy with you, but either way, have a copy. Keep your original in the hotel safe and take the copy out with you instead. In case of a lost or stolen passport, having a copy may make it easier to get a new one.

  7. Research local restaurants

    – Before travelling, it may be worth researching some of the best local restaurants to experience whilst away. Using a review site, you can get an idea of which are the better restaurants, the best value for money, and of course, where the national dishes may be served.

  8. Ask the locals

    – When out and about, when looking for things to do, places to eat or which taxi company to use, ask the locals! You can always ask your hotel concierge, but be mindful that businesses may pay the hotels to advertise them.

  9. Entertainment for flight

    – Whether you are travelling alone, with a partner or family, make sure you bring entertainment for all for the flight, especially long haul. iPads, books, colouring book and pencils, headphones and snacks are all great ideas!

  10. Don’t take all cash with you

    – When you are out and about on your holiday, only take the cash that you will need for that time; leave the rest in the hotel safe. There is a risk of pick pockets or losing your bag/wallet, so if it happens, at least it will be a smaller amount of money gone.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about our airport transfers, and how we can make the start of your holiday a great one!


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